Niko Caputo Band

Niko Caputo,

since he was just an adolescent he has always had a passion for music and composition. He started strumming the guitar when he was 12. He found a wonderful relationship with piano keys since childhood where he explained his creativity on a piano that was in his own home and then he falled in love with music. He continued his passion over the years writing songs for a long time that remained unpublished for time. Now he has decided to share his compositions around the world and, looking at nowadays record company's crisis, he has decided to produce this CD, which contains 10 new songs, everything written, composed, played and recorded by just himself.

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Album CD '' Tra Sogno e Realtà ''








1 CD with 8-page booklet and CD printed with views of                                                                                                                the Gulf of Naples 10,00 Euro + Shipping